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Kelli L. Wood

English Professor

El Paso Community College, Transmountain Campus



Room 1101

Come chat with a ninja!

Fall 2020 Virtual Office Hours

(on Microsoft Teams)

M/W: 10 am – 12 pm

T/Th: 3:30 – 5:30 pm

Fri: 3-5 pm

You can also contact me on Discord during those hours, though I’m not sure I’ve really figured it out yet.  Still, here’s my Discord Server link:


Have a really quick question and just want to text/DM?  I’ll generally answer those pretty quickly between 9am and 8pm.  Join the GroupMe section for your class using the links here:

o 1301

16 week courses

 8 week course

o 1302

16 week course

8 week course

If you post to the group itself, it’s like asking a question in class—everyone will get the message.

To direct message/text me, click the compose icon on your screen and select “Direct Message” and search for Kelli Wood in your contacts. Or, see this link: Send a Direct Message (DM/text) or the Basics video linked below.  

Some helpful GroupMe links:

o Basics (detailed written instructions)

o Basics (short YouTube video)

o GroupMe Privacy Policy  

At the end of the semester, you should leave the group, as I’ll use them again for next semester.  

In the app,

Select the group you want to leave or end.

Select the chat avatar, then select Settings    

Note: On iPad, tap Settings at the top of the screen.

Scroll down and then select Leave Group

In SMS, texting, text #exit  to automatically remove yourself from a group.