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Kelli L. Wood

English Professor

El Paso Community College, Transmountain Campus

Call or text: 505-437-1948


Room 1101

Extra Credit

Writing Extra Credit (up to 5 points on first version and revision) *This is the extra credit that will have the biggest impact on your grade.*

You can get extra credit on any major writing assignment (essay, research assignment, technical writing documents, cover letters) by going to the college’s writing centers.  You must follow these rules.

Giving Extra Credit  (5 points per quiz, up to 3)

In order to encourage you to give back to your community, I will give you 5 extra credit points on your lowest quiz grade if you donate to a non-profit organization.  You can take advantage of this up to 3 times during the semester. You can donate blood, your time, or other things.  Here are some local non-profits, but there are others as well.

Exemplary Work Credit

I may also add a few extra credit points to work that stands out as exemplary.