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Kelli L. Wood

English Professor

El Paso Community College

Transmountain Campus



Room 1101

Come chat with a ninja!

Fall 2020 Virtual Office Hours

(on Microsoft Teams)

M/W: 10 am – 12 pm

T/Th: 3:30 – 5:30 pm

Fri: 3-5 pm

You can also contact me on Discord during those hours, though I’m not sure I’ve really figured it out yet.  Still, here’s my Discord Server link:


Have a really quick question and just want to text/DM?  I’ll generally answer those pretty quickly between 9am and 8pm.  Join the GroupMe section for your class:

To text message me, join the appropriate group:

o 1301

16 week courses

 8 week course

o 1302

16 week course

8 week course

If you post to the group itself, it’s like asking a question in class—everyone will get the message.

To direct message/text me, click the compose icon on your screen and select “Direct Message” and search for Kelli Wood in your contacts. Or, see this link: Send a Direct Message (DM/text) or the Basics video linked below.

Some helpful GroupMe links:

o Basics (detailed written instructions)

o Basics (short YouTube video)

o GroupMe Privacy Policy  

At the end of the semester, you should leave the group, as I’ll use them again for next semester.  

o In the app,

Select the group you want to leave or end.

Select the chat avatar, then select Settings    

Note: On iPad, tap Settings at the top of the screen.

Scroll down and then select Leave Group

o In SMS, texting #exit - Automatically removes you from a group.