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Class Notes 1301 Format Assignments  Cover Letter Emblematic Object Literary Analysis Media Analysis

English 1301

Format Assignments

Below are links to each format assignment.  You also need to make sure to do the readings and quizzes as included in your schedule.

The format assignments will help familiarize you with the basic format, tone, and approach to different types of writing we’ll do over the course of the semester.  

Additionally, they’ll let us both make a plan for specific things you can work on in your writing as we move through various assignments.  Remember that they are about trying and getting a feel for things.  This is not about perfection.  Give me some work so that I can help you make it better and give you direction for the rest of the semester.  

In short, do the readings, follow the instructions, and give it your best try.

Business Letter Format

MLA Format

APA Format–7th edition

APA Format–6th edition (OLD)

The 7th edition of APA was published in late 2019.  If your teacher requires the older version, these apply to that.