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Class Notes 1301 Format Assignments  Cover Letter Emblematic Object Literary Analysis Media Analysis

English 1301

Essay of Revision

For face-to-face classes. essay 4 is written in class. It is VERY important that you are in class the class before we write the essay and the day of the essay.  If something comes up that prevents you from attending either of these days, let me know as soon as possible.  I will not promise that you can make things up, but the sooner you notify me, the more likely that will be.  

Please remember that the syllabus states that I do not take late papers during finals week.  I will apply the late policy exceptions as described in the syllabus if you are in good standing in the course.  It must be an extreme emergency and it must be dealt with before the end of the semester. After grades are posted, it's too late.

Online students should consult their schedule and Blackboard.